Both 昼{ひる} and 正午{しょうご} mean noon, so are they interchangeable?


「正午」 only has one meaning --- "12:00 p.m."

「昼」 has a few different meanings --- "daytime", "12:00 p.m.", "lunch", "afternoon", etc.

So, the two words are only interchangeable when talking about "12:00 p.m. (= 'noon')".

Strictly speaking, however, it is always better to use 「正午」 when referring to "noon" in order to avoid any ambiguity.


正午 is 'noon' as in 12:00 on a 24h clock.

can have the same meaning (2 in the dictionary) or just refer to the afternoon/daytime in general (1 in the dictionary).

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