I was looking at the lyrics of RCサクセション's 雨上がりの夜空に. My understanding is that this is a song about a person talking to his/her (personified) car. There are several things I don't understand.

(1) In this line


I understand that バッテリー is mentioning a car battery. But why is ビンビン used? Does it have any meaning related to charging of a battery?

(2) In this line

こんな夜に 発車できないなんて

The person is perhaps sad that he/she cannot ride the car. But why is 発車 (start moving with the car) used here? I guess it would be more natural to say that they cannot start the engine, but why is it particularly mentioning 発車? Is it normal in Japanese say "I cannot start moving with the car" when they cannot start the engine or cannot go for a drive?

(3) In this line


What is ダイヤモンド mentioning? I cannot make sense of a slit between the clouds being filled with a diamond. Is it some metaphor?

  • Songs can be abstract or poetic, so you may hear things not heard in conversational speech.
    – magissa
    Aug 25, 2014 at 7:42

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This song uses "double entendre" everywhere in the lyrics. The explicit context, of which you are aware, is riding a car, and the implied context is riding a woman.

I agree with you that ビンビン and 発車 sounds unnatural, when they are only talking about cars. But I hope you can easily understand what ビンビン and 発射 (the same sound as 発車) mean in the latter context.

And twinkle twinkle little stars are like diamonds in the sky --- Japanese people are familiar with that metaphor, too.

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