What is the difference between 夕立 and 朝立ち? They both refer to the kanji 立, and have contrastive words 夕 (evening) and 朝 (morning). Are they antonyms, or is there any difference between them?


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    辞書かウィキで調べてみてはいかがですか。朝立ち夕立 – user1016 Aug 20 '14 at 15:33
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They're not antonyms. They're very different from each other. 立 on it's own means to stand up, to erect and stuff like that. When you use this Kanji in a word like in the case of [朝立]{あさだ}ち which means early morning erection, you can see how the 立 fits into the word, i.e your manhood being erect.

In the other word [夕立]{ゆうだち} which means sudden evening shower/rain, I don't know how the 立 fits in but yeah it's not close to meaning 朝立ち