What does のでは mean in the following sentence? What changes if we write this sentence like this - デカイ腹に集中した、というのが?


All of the excessive nutritions appeared because of the oversleeping, are gathering in his stomach, it's the opinion of boys in our class.

I think the meaning is different from the sentence below.


You can't get a tan by staying in an air-conditioned room through summer.

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According to 「研究社 新和英中辞典」


1 〈…においては〉 in; at; to; as for; in the case of

2 〈…から判断すると〉 judging by [from]; from.

3 〈…に関しては〉

4 〈…であっては, …であったら〉

5 〈…ではないだろうか〉

「全部そのデカイ腹に集中したのでは」 seems to be an instance of 5, i.e. an abbreviation of 「ではないだろうか」, while 「夏中エアコンのきいた室内にいたのでは」an instance of 4.

By removing 「のでは」 you reduce a rhetorical question to a plain statement.

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