I have been many times blocked in a conversation because I have no way to translate "all in all" in those general contexts:

  • All in all it takes 15 minutes to get there
  • All in all this movie was quite fun

How to translate this while staying natural and perhaps by using different idioms?

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All in all it takes 15 minutes to get there
(more examples of this structure)

All in all this movie was quite fun
(more examples, more examples, more)

This dictionary might help as well. It includes some useful phrases like 全体として見れば.


I think that's using all-in-all in two different senses. The first example is in the sense of "in total" whereas the second case is in the sense of "in a word". For the latter, I'd suggest you can use something like [概]{がい}して or 一言で, e.g.: 概して言えば面白い映画だった。


Another option I haven't seen yet is つまり, which is to the effect of "In short...", and is used as a lead-in for a brief summary.

Here are some examples taken from the Tanaka Corpus:

My grandmother is hard of hearing. In other words she is slightly deaf.

He is very fat, that is, he weighs 300 pounds.

It shows that English is no longer the language only of the people of England.

The last example, in particular, I think captures that nuance that you're looking for.


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