I like to read children literature in foreign languages I am learning. I usually do not have troubles picking them in european language, but I would need recommendation for Japanese.

I would like a book

  • with a small vocabulary (and eventually a glossary)

  • explaining tales of ancient Japan or little zen stories or a few proverbs.

  • easy to read aloud (with an audio CD would be perfect)

  • a series of self-contained short stories instead of a longer one.

  • Awesome question! +1 despite likely being considered off-topic by some, because I think this is very useful information -- and I can sympathize, as I've had trouble answering this same question myself in the past.
    – rintaun
    Commented Jul 3, 2011 at 12:23
  • topicness aside, it is not really a question (in that there is no single objective answer)... But does make a good Community Wiki! Updated accordingly.
    – Dave
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Check out some graded readers. They're perfect for everything you've asked for, and sorted by reading ability so you can some that are perfect.


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