I have a question about the meanings and usage of いいように. I thought that it only has one meaning, which is "to act as one wills, to do something as one wills". Like in the example below.


They are being led by the nose.

At least before I saw the dialogue below, specifically this sentence - あくまでもいいように[捉]{とら}えればと言うことだが。. I was told that here いいように has the meaning same as よい方. And as far as I can understand, translation would sound something like "But only if I take it from the positive side." or "But only positively speaking.". Unfortunately I couldn't find this meaning/translation in dictionaries. So, could you please explain me the this expression.





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    捉える=とらえる here, not つかまえる
    – naruto
    Jun 6, 2014 at 22:34

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You are discussing two meanings of 「いいように」 here:

  1. At X's will; In whatever way that's convenient to X; As X likes

  2. (quite literally) In a good manner; In a positive way; Rightly; Nicely

The first いいように is an idiom, usually used with certain verbs such as 「扱う」「利用する」「あしらう」. It's not interchangeable with 「よい方に」 or 「よく」. Very often this いいように implies this person X is evil. That's why it's in dictionaries. (If it's you who asks to treat yourself freely, then there is no evil sense: 「私のことはいいように使ってください。 」 = "Please use me as you like.")

The second meaning is quite literal, and that's why you couldn't find it in dictionaries. 「いいように捉【とら】える」 is literally translated as "catch (it) in a good way", and you really have いいように translated this 「いいように」.

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