Is the plain form ever used to give a command? What does "sugu ni tatsu" mean?

sugu ni tatsu

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Yes, 終止形 can be used as a command like in this manga. Translation: "Then stand up right away!"

It sounds like a parent or a school teacher ordering their kids to do something right away. It's weaker/friendlier than 立て but stronger than 立ってください.

Such use of 終止形 is not usually heard in military organizations, so I feel the person on the right is being rather friendly rather than dignified as a supervisor.

Negative form is also possible. Example: 「(教室で先生が)そこ、喋らない!」「ごちゃごちゃ反論しない!」

  • Rather than being weaker / stronger, I would say it is a more / less direct way of addressing (which by consequence may feel more or less strong). Maybe it's just my feeling though, I haven't checked it.
    – desseim
    Commented May 9, 2014 at 10:39

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