I found the following sentence in a document relating to this webpage:


My initial guess is that 「お客さまの声室」 is some kind of feedback room where costumer concerns are voiced out and catered for, but I'm not sure because I can't find an analogous meaning of 「声室」anywhere.

Is "Customer Feedback Room" accurate? Or if I'm wrong, what is the room for?


You are dividing the phrase at the wrong place.

It is 「お[客様]{きゃくさま}の[声]{こえ}」 + 「[室]{しつ}」, not 「お客様の」 + 「声室」

「室」 is often used by Japanese companies and it refers to a "section" of a company offering a particular kind of service. There may or may not be an actual and physical "room" for the service. Unless it is a large-scale company, 「お客さまの声室」 is usually not staffed by a full-time team of employees. Instead, it is run by a few people who spend more time doing other things in the company and when the phone rings at the designated 「お客さまの声室」 number, they answer by saying 「Company name + お客さまの声室でございます。」

For translation, I might just use "Customer Service" without "room".

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    「お客様相談室」のほうがよく見るよね。 – user1016 Mar 12 '14 at 5:04
  • Chocolate has a point. If the set phrase for "Customer Service" is 「お客様相談室」 how is it different from 「お客さまの声室」? – Helix Quar Mar 12 '14 at 12:30
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    どう違うか分からないけど、「相談室」と言うと「苦情・困ったことを相談する場所」、「お客様の声室」と言うと「意見・感想・要望を聞いてくれる場所かな?」という、少し気軽な雰囲気があるよね。 – user1016 Mar 16 '14 at 16:19

As Tokyo Nagoya pointed out, the phrase was parsed incorrectly. The correct division is:

「お[客様]{きゃくさま}の[声]{こえ}」 + 「[室]{しつ}」

However, regarding translation, it seems that "Customer Service" is a little off since 「お客様相談室」 is a more appropriate term for it, as Chocolate mentioned. Recently, I realized that the phrase may actually be a very literal translation of 「お客様の声」 from the business concept Voice of the Customer.

From Wiki

"...a market research technique that produces a detailed set of customer wants and needs..."

Using this, I found a localized site from the same company that was used in the context of the question. The term Customer Voice was used.

So, to summarize, 「お客様の声室」 or Customer Voice is a service that serves as an outlet so that feedback— the customer's thoughts and opinions— may be heard.

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