For years I have been saying "またまた" for "see you" to Japanese people I meet. Well at least half the time, since I also often say "またね".

But only tonight for the first time did anybody pick me up on it and tell me it's not right! I arrived yesterday in Okinawa for the first time.

So I know a more "proper" way to say it is "じゃあまた" and considered "またね" as a bit more informal. I had always thought I picked up "またまた" from a backpacker I met either at home in Australia or in a hostel in some third country. Possibly even from staff in a hostel in Japan.

So is it something I just imagined or made up myself? Or is it actually used as slang by young people in some part of Japan?

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またまた is a word, but as far as I know never used in the sense of "see you later", which, as you know, would be (じゃあ)またね.

(またまた means something like "yet again", e.g. またまた驚かされた "you surprised me yet again".)

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    またまた on its own would probably be interpreted as "Oh you!", as in what you say when someone is kidding about something (yet again). Feb 25, 2014 at 19:58

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