I have the following translation for class.


So far I have the following.

Bad students who didn't study
I made them write kanji 300 times at home and
.... and
after that, I made them stand at the front of the classroom for an hour. 

That 3rd line I am really having problems with. I see the "to make someone" structure with the 来させて. And then the て form of "to have" with the 持って. So "I made them to have this and come"? Or I think て and 来る can mean to come to a point. So maybe "so as to make them get to have this" like in an "understand this" sort of way? I just don't know...

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持ってくる means to bring something with you (hold/carry than come) so the 3rd line is something like "...and had them bring it back (to class)"


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