I'm looking at JLPT4/5 grammar list and see such grammar point. But I can't find any information about it (truthfully I don't know how to).

Though I found some examples: 1 shuukan ni ikkai - once a week 1 nen ni 3 kai - 3 times a year

Can someone explain this or point me to where I can get that information? Thanks.

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Are you asking for help on the pattern, or just other explanations and materials? Because there's not much to it really. You know that has multiple meanings, including "in" or "within". So it's a pretty straight translation.

<Period> + に + <frequency> → "Within <period>, <frequency> times." or "<frequency> times in <Period>"

  • 1年に3回 → 3 times within 1 year
  • 一週間に1回 → Once per week

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