I cannot find the kanji for hito, as in the name Hirohito, in my Modern Reader's Japanese-English Character Dictionary (Andrew Nelson). When I searched online I found that the hito was shown as a four stroke kanji, written as nimben and two horizontal strokes similar to the number two. I searched with the nimben and rod radicals with no success. Can someone help me out here?

  • Jim Breen's KANJIDIC (accessible through interfaces such as jisho.org) gives indices into various kanji dictionaries, including the original Nelson. In this case, you could use the jisho.org kanji search, and click on 亻 and 二 to find the character. The resulting page lists it under Classic Nelson, and says 349. – snailplane Jun 22 '13 at 16:16
  • What exactly are you asking...? Are you asking if the one you found () is correct, or if it is the correct one of many choices? I feel that this is too localized anyway. – istrasci Jun 22 '13 at 23:09

There is 仁, which fits all of your descriptions. You wouldn't have found it with the rod radical, because the rod is a vertical line. Most digital dictionaries have a search function by stroke number as well (or at least order the results by stroke number), which would have helped. Plus [二]{に} is actually a traditional radical.

My dictionary gives at least the following combinations for Hirohito

郭人, 寛人, 寛仁, 宏人, 宏仁, 宏斉, 広人, 広仁, 弘人, 弘仁, 浩人, 浩仁, 祥仁, 仁人, 大仁, 博人, 博仁, 祐人, 裕人, 裕仁, 洋人, 煕人, 洋仁, 皓人

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