I cannot understand what is the subject in the following sentences, mainly in the second one 「迂闊に手が出せなくなった・・・・・・」. Is it 「強力な力を持った天魔には」 ? Something like 強力な力を持った天魔には迂闊に手が出せなくなったのも、当然というものだろう。 ?


Thank you very much for help!

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    You have sentences all over there, what exactly are you asking for?
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Something like 強力な力を持った天魔には迂闊に手が出せなくなったのも、当然というものだろう。 ?

I'd rather say 他の天魔を統率する義務のある"彼"が/には迂闊に手が出せなくなったのも、当然というものだろう。

The subject and object for [迂闊]{うかつ}に手が出せなくなった are not mentioned here. There's someone who is a 天魔, who now has the duty to 他の天魔を統率する(=to lead other 天魔s) because he's got a 強力な力. It is 当然 that he can't do 迂闊に手を出す(=attack someone thoughtlessly/carelessly. うかつgoo辞書) because he has the duty to 他の天魔を統率する (I think maybe his situation is like... a schoolboy who has become class president, supposed to keep order in his class and therefore not to pick a fight with another class member...)


The relative clause 強力な力を持った modifies 天魔. 必然的に modifies 加わる. 他の天魔を統率するという modifies 義務. I think the 加わる is used as 課せられる("is imposed") here. The sentence has the same structure as:
~~には、~~が加わる/課せられる。(To/On ~~, ~~ is added/charged/imposed.)


It can be rephrased as 迂闊に手が出せなくなったのも、当然だろう。(I think the というもの is used as an emphasis.) It has the same structure as:
~~のも当然だ。(It's natural that~~/Naturally~~/No wonder~~)

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    迂闊 is うかつ, not a living thing.
    – Dono
    May 14, 2013 at 13:18
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