Intuitively, I would guess it's 「いってんさ」, but I could image 「いちてんさ」just as well.

For bonus points: is there any reference or dictionary that explains the pronunciation of numbers with counters (beyond the obvious ones taught in beginner's courses)?


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I also believe it is いってんさ。

It means a one point difference (or gap)

一点、二点 etc =one point, two point etc

差=difference, eg 差がある=there is a difference or gap.


てんさ/点差 | the difference in points

is more common than 一点差 (?)eg:

2点の点差で負けた|We lost the game by two points.

ライオンズは点差を広げた|The Lions widened their lead.


I believe it's いってんさ as you said.

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