when i was reading Rosario+vampire s2 manga i read this sentence ''血液を媒介にしてのみ真祖は継承されるの”




真祖=term in the manga indicates vampires ancestors


then what does ''媒介にして" mean ? its not ''媒介する” right ? and is "継承される" the passive form of "継承する” ?

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媒介にして means as the medium



use the blood as the medium to become the 真祖

it think the sentence means if a 真祖 bites another person or vampire, then the blood of the 真祖 will flow into the person, then he will also become the 真祖

PS: this is a pretty common setting appears in many ACGs, like Tsukihime, Tsukuyomi

  • first thank you for answering . yes i think so right after posting the question i realized that ”にして” here mean "by making" so the whole phrase will mean "真祖 inherited only by making the blood as the medium" in Rosario+vampire context it doesn't mean that 真祖 will bite but will be bitten
    – Homura Rin
    Feb 27, 2013 at 13:44

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