I've tried Googling for Japanese/Japanese dictionary definitions of this phrase, but can only find usages so far, which haven't helped.

More context:


I think from context that the speaker is saying "so that us artisans do well / look good / show how good we are", or something in that area, but dictionaries haven't been helpful so far - hoping Japanese StackExchange can solve the riddle!



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There are two things to define in 腕が光る:

The latter is, I think, figurative in the same sense as English shine ("To distinguish oneself in an activity or a field; excel"). Put the two words together with , and you have a phrase meaning something like "to stand out as superior in skill or ability".

I'm basing this entirely on dictionary entries, by the way. I think my interpretation is right (which is why I'm posting it as an answer), but if I've made a mistake, I would appreciate it if someone pointed it out :-)

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