In the song "World's End Dancehall" by wowaka, there is a line that goes:


I can, from what I know, translate this as (We) suddenly, by chance, completely disappear, but this leaves me with a few questions:

1: Why is the しまう in masu-stem form?

2: What does そな mean? It might just be a short version of そうな in order for the lyric to fit with the beat, but I'm not sure.

3: What does the masu stem of a verb + そな do?

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  • This そな is a short, colloquial variant of そうな. This contraction is not very common, but it's used to make the phrase sound catchy or rhythmical.
  • そう has two completely different usages depending on whether the form of the previous verb is a dictionary form or a masu-stem.

So 消えちゃいそな is roughly the same as 消えてしまいそうな, which translates to "looking like it's about to disappear".

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