I am uncertain about the meaning of 良いって人だけ below



I think the last sentence means "even so, it is fine if anyone takes liking of me because I am a good person"? I interpret this だけ as だけに, meaning "because." Is that right?

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Unfortunately you've made parsing errors around それでも and だけ.

  • それでも良い is "(even) that is fine".
  • って right after it is a colloquial version of という.
  • This だけ is not だけに. が is omitted after だけ.


  • それでも良い
    that's fine
  • 「それでも良い」って(いう)人
    those who are okay with that
  • 「それでも良い」って人だけ()(私を)好きになってくれたら良い。
    If those who are okay with that like me, that's enough.

それ refers to the previous sentence.

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