I'm a little confused about whether you should use に or を with the verb のぼります。Should we say 富士山に登りたいです or 富士山を登りたいです? Also, I think the word 登ります is also used for describing the action of getting on a bus. Should we say ’バスに登ります?’ Thank you!

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Both に and を are correct for your sentence, but they differ slightly in the nuance they have. So the short answer is: either one.

For the act of getting into a vehicle that has a roof, or onto a vehicle that doesn't have a roof, please use 乗{の}る. バスに登る is fine if you mean "climbing on the (top of the) bus".

According to this Japanese A to Z and this Hatena Blog blog entries, に suggests that the top of the mountain is the goal of one's trajectory, while を suggests that the mountain is in one's way to somewhere else:

  • 富士山登る
  • 登って学校へ行く

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