I don understand how to negate the grammar point of っこない

I get that you put the verb in the ますstem before っこない

Like in the example

泳げっこない --> There is no way I can swim

But what if I've always been living near the seaside so "There is no way I can NOT swim" How do I negate the verb before っこない

Or for example I am a girl who is talking with a guy about random period's emotion. Of course you, being a man, can't understand me because we are talking about period, so I say:


But what if I am talking to a girl, and I wanted to say something like "There is no way you can NOT understand me"

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    verb in the "can't" form (negative of 可能形) + はず + (optional が or は) ない; i.e.: 泳げないはずない Commented May 16 at 14:02
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    Or わけ. There is no way I cannot swim. 泳げないわけない
    – dvx2718
    Commented May 17 at 3:48


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