Here's an example: 何も忘れてしまって波越しの遊びを続けさまにやっていました。

For the 波越しの遊び part, is there some nuance involved in writing it the way it is, versus writing it as 波を越す遊び?

Thanks in advance!

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    遊び is not the "subject" of the verb 越す, though.
    – aguijonazo
    Mar 31 at 22:33
  • You're right, my apologies for the inaccurate wording. I really just mean whatever noun that is being modified. Appreciate your explanation!
    – Aries332
    Apr 1 at 1:37

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波越し is not an established activity name I am aware of. When was this text written, or did you come up with it on your own? There is a term 波乗り, which is another name for サーフィン (surfing), but it's unclear if 波越し is meant to refer to this.

Nevertheless, it is possible to explain the grammatical difference between 波越しの遊び and 波を越す遊び.

  • 波越し sounds like it's an established phrase. This is because a masu-stem has the ability to form a derivative noun. For "masu-stem as a noun", please read this question: Conjunctive form (e.g. 書き) vs Conj + mono (e.g. 書き物). 波乗り was also named this way (literally, "wave-riding"). Thus, 波越しの遊び sounds somewhat like "the game of Wave-crossing", and it sounds like anyone who said it thinks 波越し is an established concept. In other words, I don't know 波越し, but it sounds like they know 波越し. There are many popular game/activity names formed in this way, including 影踏み, 福笑い and 縄跳び.
  • 波を越す遊び sounds like it's just a description of some game; 波を越す describes 遊び as a relative clause. In English, it sounds like "a game where you go over waves". This might be a description of an existing game, or it could just be describing a game someone just thought up.
  • Thanks for the detailed answer. The phrase comes from the second example on this website. I've also come across a few other instances where the first version is used, though of course they are much rarer than when the second is used. Your explanation makes a lot of sense. Thanks again, I really appreciate it!
    – Aries332
    Apr 1 at 3:13
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    @Aries332 It's from an essay published in 1921. According to 青空文庫全文検索, 波越し was not recognized as a game name by the general public in those days, so it's a temporary game name used only in this essay.
    – naruto
    Apr 1 at 3:29

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