A character in this visual novel being subjected to threats and rumors has this inner monologue:


I understand the basic usage of させられる to be "made to do something", like 悪魔に毒リンゴを食べさせられる would be "made to eat a poisonous apple by a demon", where に indicates who caused you to eat the apple. For my question, I think the に would indicate the character was being toyed with by these rumors if it had been written 翻弄されて, but 翻弄させられて instead makes me unsure because I understand it as meaning the character was being made to toy with someone else due to the rumors, which I don't understand in the context of the story.

Is there another understanding of 噂に翻弄させられる here?

  • Maybe whoever wrote that (mistakenly) thought 翻弄する was an intransitive verb.
    – aguijonazo
    Mar 25 at 3:35

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It is simply a mistake. As you understand, it should be 翻弄されて.

As the (existence of) following website suggests, it happens reasonably often



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