I was wondering does this have a specific age range in mind and all? Can women up to their 20s be called this and all?

  • Well, it is not opinion-based technically — they agree that there is no agreed definition... Mar 26 at 4:50

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I guess it will depend on who you ask, but that said up until and including 18 it's definitely reasonable. 19 and 20 probably, too. After that until 25 I think it's uncommon. From 26 on it would be very unusual. After 28 I think the listener will assume you are using it intentionally, as in to make a specific point about someone's 少女-ness (although they are clearly no longer a 少女 in its usual meaning).

  • so can a 21-23 year old be called that? Apr 3 at 16:30
  • @ZainAlleck I think they could be, tho one should probably avoid doing it as it could sound condescending. Apr 3 at 20:47

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