As far as I know, 可愛い【かわいい】 means cute. However, I recently read on the internet that it has another meaning akin to "overvalue yourself"

For example

結構【けっこう】 皆【みんな】 自分【じぶん】の身【み】が可愛い【かわいい】のさ



Both contexts I've seen, the word is used in the context of a character saving his own skin over another person. Could some explain this use?

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This entry from the goo dictionary lists 4 meanings for 可愛い, of which the first 3 translates to "cute". The fourth meaning:

4 かわいそうだ。ふびんである。

sort of means "someone that is treated unfairly; someone you feel sorry for".

But specifically used after 自分, 自分の身, 我が身, 己 or any other equivalent of "self", it has the following meaning:


"An expression that means protecting oneself above anything."

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