I want to know how to say "or" in Japanese. For example, there is a sentence like this:

"Bathing in the sea, or just viewing it, whatever is fine."

I only finish N4 only and don't know anything other than とか…とか in this situation. Please help me with this.


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There's no equivalent of the English "or" in Japanese. Yes, または、あるいは、もしくは...etc. can express the same concept semantically, but grammatically they work nothing like the English "or", and they usually appear in more formal writing but not in casual writing and/or colloquial speech. Hence, a simple sentence fragment like "Apples or bananas?" becomes "林檎とバナナ、どっち?" in everyday Japanese.


using または is normal to say OR.

can also be used.

  • A B
  • A または B
  • Also あるいは, もしくは, それとも, as mentioned in this question.
    – Arfrever
    Commented Mar 15 at 8:55

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