Question Part 1: Which reading of 通って is correct in this sentence?


I wanted to go to school more and study painting.


According to the wwwjdic definitions (here in shortened form):

通る【とおる】 go by

通う【かよう】 go to and from

However, at least one example in goo seems to contradict the first definition, since the example refers to buses that "go to and from":


Buses run between the station and the temple.


Question Part 2: Is the reading of "to go to school" (in the sense of "to attend school regularly") always 学校【がっこう】に通【かよ】う?

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Q1: It is かよ(って) and Q2: yes, 学校に通う is always かよう and never とおる.

とおる basically means to pass through and takes を-phrase. So 学校通{とお}る would mean you enter the site of a school and go out from the other side (e.g. for a shortcut). Here 学校 is just an object on your path and not something you attend.

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