I was a playing a popular mobile game with someone. Unfortunately, he is unable to play with me today because of some urgent business matter:


I don't get what このスマホ以外自宅 might mean. I think it means something like "at home, away from phone"?

  • Only commenting as I'm unsure — my take on this is that he is super abbreviating his thoughts, leaving out stuff. For 「スマホ以外自宅です」, I think this might mean something like "other than my mobile, [all my other gaming devices are] at home." But it's certainly not clear. Mar 7 at 21:32

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  • このスマホ
    this smartphone
  • このスマホ以外
    everything but this smartphone
  • このスマホ以外(は)自宅です。
    Everything but this smartphone is at home.

By "everything but this smartphone", he is referring to his PC or game console. Note that, in Japanese, it's perfectly fine to make a sentence like 彼女はフランスです ("She is in France" rather than "She is France").

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