I came across this in a song called FoolFor日記 by Kaho Nakamura.

A section of the song goes like this:

変な顔やったかも ねぇ ねぇ ねぇ ねぇ 欲しい?
帰さないって言われたら 帰らへんよ

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"おんなし" is a dialect that means 同{おな}じ. This whole verse seems to be written/sung in the Kansai dialect, but おんなし seems to be used in other dialects as well.

In the lyric, she most likely meant the same as 「もう一回{いっかい}、同{おな}じことをしよう」

Sources (both from Yahoo! Japan 知恵袋):
1: 「おんなじ」のことを「おんなし」って言ってしまいます。
2: 「おなし」これは方言なのでしょうか。

  • それよりも・・・なんか独特で聞きにくい歌ですね(汗) Feb 28 at 5:43
  • Thank you so much!! I was wondering if it possibly meant 同じ, so thank you for the clarification. And yes, she makes music unlike anything I've heard before!
    – Blake
    Feb 28 at 5:57

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