What is the difference between このような and こんな? How is their usage and different? How semantically are they different?

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They are to some extent interchangeable. This thesaurus entry says (bold added):



As the above says, こんな implies more often the speaker's negative feeling about the object whereas このような can be used more neutrally. That said, このような can be used negatively and こんな can be used positively:

  • このようなことになるとは思わなかった I didn't think it would result in a thing like this (bad).
  • こんなたいそうなものをもらった I received such a great gift.

So I guess you need not worry too much about the difference, but こんな is generally more colloquial and you need to be careful about how you use it. It may be safer to use このような if you are not sure.


Both meanings are exactly the same "like this." Just「このような」sounds formal and 「こんな」sounds casual.

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