What does “~がもとに~” mean in this context? Is "がもとに" a intransitive verb form of "をもとに"?

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    がもとに/をもとに are not verbs in the first place. I'm not sure what you mean by transitivity here.
    – sundowner
    Jan 9 at 15:13

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Not sure what you mean by "Is がもとに an intransitive verb form of をもとに?". As Sundowner points out (を)もとに isn't a verb in the first place.

The verb here is なる (to become). もと here can be translated as "basis". So Xがもとになっている literally means "X has become the basis" or, more naturally, "based on X".

It is said that this is based in the historical event Susuharai.

  • Thanks a lot for your explanation, I mistook " ~(が)もと" for a verb at first, so asked the confusing question, but I understood it all after reading your explanation.
    – Theseus
    Jan 15 at 1:56

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