I was listening to a podcast discussing how Japanese people spend their time in early January. One of the things they discussed is how they drink sake in the morning. Context:




I roughly translated this into:

Everyone drinks a little bit of sake from 10AM and onwards.
Not everyone in my family drinks, there are people who are weak?

The last part of the paragraph is what I am confused about, what are they suggesting here? Are they implying that some people are weak so they keep drinking? I would appreciate some assistance

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    Not everyone in my family drinks -- みんな飲めない人 means "Everyone is unable to drink", "No one can drink"(全否定), not "Not everyone drinks"(部分否定)
    – chocolate
    Jan 9 at 1:17
  • @chocolate Thank you for the correction.
    – Micheal
    Jan 9 at 10:27

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お酒に弱い is just a set phrase for being unable to hold your liquor. The opposite, naturally, is お酒に強い. So one translation of the phrase you pointed out might be:

There are many people (in my family) who can't drink, see...

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