So in this manga (月が導く異世界道中) there are these 2 sisters where the older one made some bad decisions about borrowing money from the wrong kind of people. After being rescued the younger sister says to her:


I have trouble understanding this. When looking up "..したところで" I find translations that make it mean "even if", "even when" or "even though". On my own I come up with these 2 possible translation(s)

  1. Even though you used the money well, did you return it?
  2. About the money - after using it well, did you return it?

As the thugs are vanquished there is IMO no loan giver that could receive the remaining money.

Thanks a lot!

(My question might be connected to ところで as ところ + で or What's the difference between としたところで and にしたところで and how to use it in a "positive" way)

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This ところ simply means "place." ちゃんとしたところ, therefore, means a proper place (or lender). It has nothing to do with the 〜したところで that you looked up.

  • Now I get it. In my translation above the 借りた at the sentence end doesn't make any sense after all! Now it does :) Thank you!
    – Quit007
    Commented Dec 17, 2023 at 4:07

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