The panel below discusses what happens to actors when they don't get deeply involved in their role.

I am uncertain about the meaning of the word 可愛い in the last panel. I think it means something like "pitiful", synonymous with かわいそう?

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    It's almost always followed by もの, or reduced もん, in this usage.
    – aguijonazo
    Commented Dec 8, 2023 at 12:07

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When 可愛い is used to describe a troublesome or dangerous thing, it means "less severe", "relatively easier to deal with" or "can be considered trivial". In this sense, even a scary gang or disease can be described as 可愛い!



This is usually used when the speaker is comparing it to an even bigger trouble/problem/danger. (e.g., AはかわいいものだがBは嫌だ; Bは困るけどAくらいならかわいいよね).


  • 彼の遅刻なんて可愛いものだよ。チームにはもっと大きな問題がある。
    His tardiness is trivial. Our team has much bigger problems.
  • この先生が出す試験問題としては、こんなの可愛い方ですって。
    As far as this teacher's exam questions go, this one is on the easier side!

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