In the manga strip below, the character says:


What does 依先輩をラーメンにしたら exactly mean here? The only にしたら structure I could find was Noun + にしたら, which means something like "from someone's perspective", but I don't know how it fits here because in my context, the noun is "ramen", not a person or a sentient being.


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The sentence has the AをBにする construction meaning "to turn A into B", "to make A B" or "to consider A as B". She's talking about ramen made of Mei-senpai.


Captain, you also think it would be absolutely delicious if we made Mei-senpai into ramen, don't you?

Note that the girl is saying 好きな人は芽依先輩 and 好きな食べ物も芽依先輩か in the previous frames.

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