Character starts crying and says this:

"あれ なんだこれ。。。"

To which the other character replies this:


My reading of 今まで我慢してきた分 is "the amount you have endured until now". However why is じゃない? used here? It is mean to be じゃないか for "Isn't it"?

Because "It isn't the amount..." Sounds odd

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I'm certain you have seen this type of "~じゃない?", which translates to "It's ~, isn't it?"

It's a pen, isn't it? / It's a pen, no?

Your understanding of 分 is just right.

Thus, the sentence translates to:


It (corresponds to) the amount you have endured until now, doesn't it?

If I guessed the context correctly, the sentence implies "You have endured enough (without crying) until now, so you can cry now".

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