I am not sure about the function of the second まで in the last sentence below:

美少女ゲームの創生期で、最も重要な作品と言えば・・・「プリンセスメーカー」、それと「同級生」と言えるでしょう! 究極、この2つだけでも現在までのゲームまで全部語れるといっても過言ではない。

I think the second まで marks an object for 語れる? In this case, 現在までのゲームまで全部語れる should mean something like "serve as a model for modern games." In other words, the overall structure of modern games hasn't changed much from the past?

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Yes, your understanding is correct. This sentence looks slightly clumsy to me, but the two まで are used in different ways:

  • The first まで is a particle meaning "until". 現在までのゲーム is "games up to the present".
  • The second まで is "even", which is a 副助詞 that can replace が/を. So 現在までのゲーム is the direct object of 語れる. The author is saying you can explain/discuss all the past (bishōjo) games only by mentioning the two games.

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