I am uncertain about how to interpret 買ってみたのに対応機種が違う below:


I initially understood のに as "although" but I then realized that の might refer to the game that is brought and に belongs to 対応機種. So, 買ってみたのに対応機種が違う is understood as "compatible computer that can run the game they brought is different from what they have..."?

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Your initial interpretation is correct. This のに is simply "although".

As for why your second interpretation is incorrect, remember that ~に is an adverbial modifier that never modifies a noun like 対応機種. The noun phrase "compatible computer that can run the one they brought" is 買ってみたのに対応する機種 (対応 is now a verb). You can also say 買ってみたのの対応機種 (the second の is a noun-linking particle), although this one is a bit clumsy.

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