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The stone like socle in the shrine.

What does 問題の add? My take would be something like "The shrine in question"

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The 問題 is used in the following sense.

4 世間が関心をよせているもの。話題。「―の議員」

I think in question is fine. Another alternative is under discussion.


edit: I actually didn't realize 問題 had the meaning mentioned in sundowner's answer. That seems more likely, although certainty would require more context.

The Japanese for connecting nouns is really flexible, and can mean quite a few different things based on context. In this case, it's talking about the shrine which is the problem. You could also write this as something like 問題である神社 or 問題になっている神社; the most natural english translation I can think of is the problem shrine.

Incidentally, I'm not sure if the quote in your answer was intended to be a translation, but 問題の神社にも岩座があったっていうし is something like They say there was a stone socle in the problem shrine as well.

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