I think おっさん臭い literally means 'old man stench', if I'm not mistaken, but it seems like the actual meaning is different.

For example, in this episode of ちびまる子ちゃん Tomo says


after (if my listening comprehension is correct) a classmate with a weirdly formal style of speech tells her that doing certain eye exercises will open up a 3rd eye that can predict the future.


And then in the show 推しの子 at the end of episode 1 at timestamp 1:19:13(spoilers for episode 1)

Aqua, the brother says:

> "スカート短すぎないか?"

To which his sister Ruby replies :

> "お兄ちゃんって昔からおっさん臭いよね"

Is おっさん臭い used to mean 'creepy', 'weirdo', or does it have some other meaning(s)

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    Oh, the first one is 胡散(うさん)臭い, by the way.
    – rk03
    Commented Sep 19, 2023 at 23:30

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The suffix くさい makes up i-adjective meaning "have similar appearance/behavior/though/vibe to..." with a negative connotation, as well as physically "have bad smell of..."

おっさんくさい can be used in both ways, but in the context of 推しの子, Ruby states that Aqua have behavior/thought similar to that of old men for long.

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