Since this sentence,


I found here, is correct I figured instead of saying 「車はどのぐらい速いですか」I could just go and say:


I'm guessing that putting the noun "speed" 「速度」as a noun possesed by car 「車」then I can direct どのぐらい to ask for the speed of the car or simply say "How fast is the car?"

Do you think I'm right for arranging the sentence like so?


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Yes, 車はどのぐらい速いですか and 車の速度はどのぐらいですか are both correct. The differences are:

  • The former sounds more informal since 速い is a wago and 速度 is a kango.
  • The former gives the impression that you're expecting the car to be fast, whereas the latter comes off as a neutral question about its speed.

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