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I don't know why people is so liking to downvote here. I was read the Japanese chat room (it's chat room for all members who have high reputation) and the question-closer wrote that he closed all my questions because I use English that have many ambiguous words and possibly, the future answer will not cover my questions.

In Indonesia, we can spell all of the Japanese words easily. Japanese "r", the most problem for new learners, is not hard in here because most of Indonesian are experienced with various language in here. In my class, we learn Japanese in so many different ways. Look all of my questions. The method I use to learn Japanese are seem very risky to other foreign learner, but in here, that's very acceptable (some of my friends do the same way like me do). Why? Because we learn Indonesia language like that. Even Indonesia uses alphabetic, the complexity of sentence structure, many similar words, connotation and denotation, beauty and politeness level, etc. is very similar with Japanese itself.

See this link for other fact: http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2013/07/15/indonesians-beat-koreans-become-no-2-learning-japanese.html

So many English words that have long translation in Indonesia, but not with the Japanese. That's the other reason why learn Japanese is not hard.

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