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Hello everybody.

comment Are the 4-byte UTF-8 Kanji rare enough that I can ignore them?
Thank you. You answered my question. You those characters are actually used in Japanese. I thought they might be very old and all forgotten today, but it didn't came out to be so. I also thank you for your suggestion of UTF-16 for Japanese, I will consider it.
comment Analysis of もしかして (perhaps)?
Is the particle か a question tag? Is its usage with Kanji common?
comment Does the verb 死ぬ has a 死ぬる form?
It is strange that I'm first time hearing this attributive form. Can you please give a few other examples with different verbs.
comment Is there a form for “I have never heard of”?
Watching anime makes you familiar with lots of forms. You probably know Japanese better than me, but as an otaku, I know more Japanese sentence forms than you do :)