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Stone word backfire with vengeance
Hopeless divine intervention
Leader, where's the peace you pursue
Can't let any more follow you
Teach to bleach the stains of your guilt
Envy of moral free lives built
Live with the torment that they live through
Your sins will only rest on you

comment how to translate おでんとか?
so Toka (とか) is etc? :)
comment How to type こんにちは (not こんにちわ) with windows Japanese keyboard
so must I type konnnichiha for こんにちは ?
comment Can I write Japanese name “Midori” this way - 緑?
Thank you for this description. But as in the Flaw's answer there are 93 ways of it. So there are all different names ? I mean usually there are some specific to country names like (for example) John and Daniel is some specific to USA names. I think that Midori is Japanese name. But... all this variants of midori ? Or only the one variant ? Or there no such things in Japanese and there is Indian naming system ?
comment Can I write Japanese name “Midori” this way - 緑?
Wow, so I can wire same name in different ways and it will be looking like a beautiful wings ? I think I need to learn this language :) So another question. What difference between ミドリ (katakana) and hiragana for names ? Katakana is Japanese too - isn't it ?