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Me :D

Takumi SUEDA (a.k.a. puhitaku)

A male Japanese, a student, and a geek.

Tsuyama National College of Technology, Department of Computer and Information Technology

Interests <3


Python, C++, Arduino, Processing, Android, Soldering, Embedded Systems, 3D Graphics, Modulation, 4K/2K, UX, etc.


Electronica, Experimental, (Old-, Mixture-, Post-, Alternative-) Rock, Drum 'n' Bass, (Post-) Dubstep, Classical, Japanese Anime Songs, Jazz, etc.


Audio, Design, English, Japanese, DJing, Typing, Taking Photos, etc.

Notes ;)

I love to speak Japanese / English. Please feel free to follow my Twitter even if you speak / write English or else.

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