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JP Cherry

I'm a software developer with most of my development experience in Visual DataFlex, C# and VB.Net, in addition to various other associated, rudimentary skills (such as HTML, PHP, XML, JavaScript, and the like). My non-VDF database experience largely lies in MS SQL Server.

I can help with maths up to early Calculus, and outside of the normal scope of this site, I am an amateur classicist in regards to both classical and ecclesial Latin, and Koine Greek, and can converse intelligently on Western European architectural and art history.

I speak English, Spanish, French, Latin, and a bit of New Testament (Koine) Greek. I can piece through reading Italian and tried learning Japanese once, to no avail.

Bourbon > Whiskey = French Gin > Guinness > Other ales and stouts > Pinot Noir > Cabernet Sauvignon > Tequila (100% de Agave) > most other drinks.

I'm a bit Aspergerey, and thus might behave like a bit of a wanker without realizing it. Apologies in advance.

Keeping a low profile.

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