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comment What is the difference between 〜を〜とする and 〜を〜とした before nouns?
I was discussing this with a Japanese friend yesterday. If I understood correctly (the conversation was in Japanese), she felt that the nuance was that する indicated something that could possibly change at a later date, while した indicated something more fixed. In the above example, one can imagine that Yamada won't always be the leader of the club. The TV show, on the other hand, has been made and isn't going to be changed. Did you have an opinion on this? It was a little different to your answer.
comment What is the difference between 〜を〜とする and 〜を〜とした before nouns?
Yeah, the construction here is specifically used with nouns (that's since been made clear but I apologise for not putting that in the original question title) and I think might be slightly different. Thanks for the suggestion, though!
comment What does どうした mean and how does it differ from 何をした?
Thanks, this is a terrific answer and makes things quite clear :)