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My current Japanese language study approach:

  • Lots of Japanese-language TV and written Japanese
  • Vocabulary study cards in Anki
  • Re-visiting grammar points in the Genki textbooks, as needed (which I need to be doing much more often, I think)
  • Keeping my handy conjugation chart (the one from wikipedia) nearby

I recently started some Anki decks for drilling verb and adjective conjugations, with the hope that, when I need a particular form of a particular word, I'll be able to rattle it off because I've said it several times before. I've been filling the deck (slowly) with words from the Anki Core 2k/6k deck, as that's the deck I've been using for vocabulary study.

I've been adding words from song lyrics into my vocabulary study deck, by the principal of "the words I hear more often are words I should be making a point to learn." I'm thinking about doing the same with transcripts of anime that I'm seen (and would watch again, in hopes of hearing lots of familiar words, in context).

Slowly but surely.