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I became a programmer just a few years ago, and my agenda has always been to eventually make indie games and use them for missions work. At this time though, I generally work on jail and prison sotware, using predominantly ActionScript 3.0 and Visual Basic .NET. Generally I work with video chat and monitoring software, often including a logistical interface for operators at the facilities. I hope to eventually use the valuable experience from my current job as a springboard for my long-term goals as a programmer and a Christian.

comment How do you punctuate phone numbers in Japanese?
Should it be (012) 345-6789 or 012-345-6789?
comment What are the differences between じ and ぢ, and ず and づ?
Great question! I just now saw ぢ and realized that it virtually never gets mentioned in language books (at least if they're not upper-level) and needed to learn it.