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I have a BA in Linguistics from the college William and Mary.

I'm interested in language acquisition, especially of languages beyond L1.

I'm also a conversationally fluent Japanese speaker interested in teaching Japanese and English.

comment Difference between 学生・生徒・児童
児童 is not limited to pre-elementary. Elementary teacher's versions of textbooks refer to students as 児童. Also 生徒 I feel is closer to being related to the relationship between 教師 vs 生徒 than having anything to do with age, though on this point I'm not 100% confident.
comment Why is “ゼロ” more popular than “れい”?
The answers given seem completely reasonable but I wonder also if prestige has anything to do with it. It seems like there's a fairly high level of prestige associated with using recently borrowed loan words as long as they have been sufficiently disseminated.
comment の cannot be used as a pronoun meaning “one” for “highly abstract objects” but what is a “highly abstract object”?(amended)
I agree, these example sentences do nothing to illustrate the stated grammar. Usually の is contrasted with こと to illustrate the usage difference for this topic.